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Infinite Summer Self-Tanning Airbrush Spray

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Reach your glow goals with this easy, goof-proof, gradual airbrush tanner featuring clean, natural ingredients for a truly flawless, long-lasting, sexy golden, vacation tan – without any mess, streaks or stripes. Designed for use with the TEMPTU Air or One and Airpod Pro, all sold separately.



For the best gradual self-tanner application, use the TEMPTU Air or One, refillable Airpod Pro, Skin Prep (all sold separately) and Infinite Summer. The Airpod Pro is a an open, refillable and reusable Airpod cartridge for use with our skin care formulas for face and body application.  

  1. Make sure skin is clean and dry before applying Skin Prep.
  2. For face, place 6-10 drops in the well of the Airpod Pro, for a body application, fill it up.
  3. Replace lid and if applying by TEMPTU Air, spray on speed setting 1.
  4. Apply the Skin Prep to skin in sections and spray in a circular motion, angling the device downwards.
  5. You can apply extra to any areas that show dry or rough patches of skin.
  6. Once finished, spray through any excess until it sprays only air, and let Skin Prep dry down.
  7. Repeat steps 2-4 with Infinite Summer Self-Tanner, until skin is well-coated.
  8. While self-tanner dries, clean the Airpod Pro by filling it with soap and water.
  9. Spray it through to clean and rinse with water.
  10. When skin is fully dry, apply your favorite moisturizer, serum or makeup.
  11. Your natural golden glow will develop in 2-12 hours.
  12. Reapply as need every 6-12 hours to build depth, richness of color and extend the life of your tan.



What makes TEMPTU Infinite Summer different from other tanners? 

TEMPTU airbrush technology has revolutionized the at-home spray tan with a clean beauty, skincare-infused, hydrating, gradual airbrush tanning solution for face, legs, arms and more. The controlled, airbrush spray makes your sunless tan mess free and goof proof. This is a natural-looking, sun-kissed glow so even, it looks truly flawless, and can last for up to one week or longer with continued touch up applications. If you’re ready to say goodbye to scary self-tanning –the streaks and missed spots, the smells, the mess on your bathroom floor and clothes and hands, the overkill orange self-tan – then Infinite Summer is the tanning solution for you. 

How does Infinite Summer Self Tanner work? 

The main active tanning ingredient used in Infinite Summer is DHA, which is derived from organic sugar beet. Sunless tanners using DHA react with the amino acids in the skin’s surface layer to temporarily darken the skin and simulate a tan. The DHA in Infinite Summer is 100% Natural and combined with Erythrylose, another naturally derived tanning active that helps maintain balanced hydration in the skin, and delivers a more natural, even, streak-free, longer-lasting tan with no orange tones. Our formula is low odor, begins color development within 2 hours and will fully develop by 12 hours. Moisturizing ingredients like Coconut Fruit Extract, Aloe Leaf and an all-natural derivation of marine algae all deliver nourishing goodness to the skin.  

What should I do before trying Infinite Summer for the first time? 

We recommend carrying out a patch test 24 hours prior to applying the Skin Prep or Infinite Summer for the first time, just as you would any skincare or tanning product.  

How long does it typically take for a tan to develop? 

Infinite Summer is a gradual tan that begins color development within 2 hours and will fully develop by 12 hours. You can build your golden glow up over the course of the day or keep applying every 6 – 12 hours to build depth of tan or extend the life of the one you’ve got! That said, the unique chemistry of our bodies are all different, and the level of amino acids in your skin will help determine the length of development and results. Once you achieve the depth of tan you desire, we recommend applying every two to three days for maintenance.  

What do you mean when you say Infinite Summer is a “Gradual Tan”? 

Just that – your tan will develop gradually, so depending on how your skin reacts and how tan you want to get, you may want to add more applications. You will see results in 2 – 12 hours. Infinite Summer contains a lower percentage of our active tanning ingredient, DHA, and is formulated with other conditioning agents that result in a gradual, sun-kissed glow. Make no mistake: You’ll get a tan, but you may need to build it, as it’s more discreet. In addition, Infinite Summer does not contain a tinted guide color, so there’s no instant darkening effect. Infinite Summer is ideal for those looking for a healthy, golden glow or who want to be in control of how they build up their depth of color. Infinite Summer can be applied daily, if so desired, to build and extend the life of the tan.  

How long will my tan last? 

Infinite Summer can last on average 5 days and up to a week or longer with proper care and reapplication. However, all of our bodies are different, and just as our tans will develop differently, they will fade differently as well. To achieve the longest lasting results, exfoliate with TEMPTU Skin Prep just prior to applying the tanner, and apply your favorite serum (like our CORE7) or moisturizer daily to maintain it. You can also increase the chances of a longer tan by allowing the tanner to develop longer before bathing, avoiding hot showers and body oils, as well as chlorinated water and salt water. The great news is it’s easy to reapply and touch up! Once you achieve the depth of tan you desire, we recommend applying every two to three days for maintenance. 

What is the best way to prep my skin before tanning? 

The best way to prep your skin is with our TEMPTU Skin Prep!  Skin Prep instantly exfoliates your skin, removing that layer of dead skin with Willowbark Extract, a natural, deep BHA exfoliator that contains a natural salicylic extract to promote cell turnover, but is gentle enough to use every day – and Pumpkin Extract enzymes. Pro-Vitamin B5, Aloe and fruit extracts help condition and moisturize the skin, making the perfect skin prep for a more even, longer-lasting tan. Since Skin Prep hydrates your skin, save your moisturizers and serums for after you apply the tanner. 

Should I use my Skin Prep every time I use the tanner or only the first time? 

It’s really up to you! We recommend using it every time to get the best results, as it creates a perfect canvas for achieving the most even and long-lasting tan. Plus, the Skin Prep delivers a glow to the skin that cannot be matched, and we love just using it on its own! But if you’re in a rush and just want to spray that tanner on, you will still see results.  

How far in advance should I shave before applying Infinite Summer? 

For best results we advise to shave, wax or thread at least 24 hours before applying the tan. 

Will Infinite Summer transfer onto my clothes and sheets? 

Relax! Infinite Summer is an un-tinted self-tan formula that applies to the skin completely clear, ensuring little to no transfer to your clothes or bedding once you let it dry down. 

Will Infinite Summer streak? 

The controlled, microfine mist of TEMPTU’s airbrush technology ensures a seamless, instantly blended application, so you can rest assured that your tan will not streak or stripe! Just apply in circular motions, keep your airbrush moving, and make sure you prep the skin with Skin Prep. 

Does the tanning formula smell the way other tanners do? 

Infinite Summer is designed to be low odor and there is none of that icky tanner smell. We designed this formula to be clean and light in every way, and that means no yucky chemical smells. 

My skin tone is already on the deeper side. Will Infinite Summer work for me? 

Yes! Infinite Summer is for all skin tones and all skin types. All our bodies have their own unique chemistries and the DHA will react to the amino acids in your skin differently than it will in anyone else’s. This is a gradual tanner, but you can build it to see the difference. We find that while the nature of the tan differs in every person, the one consistent is the Glow that the combo of the Skin Prep and the Infinite Tanner deliver to everyone!  

Will I turn orange? 

Nope!  Infinite Summer will react with the unique amino acid chemistry in your body, but we worked hard to formulate a very special gradual tanner that builds on our blend of DHA and Erythrulose to ensure a natural glow on every skin tone with no orange tones.  

How long after applying Infinite Summer can I shower or go swimming?  

We recommend waiting at least 6-8 hours for your tan to develop before showering or getting in the pool or ocean. Remember: The longer you wait, the longer your tan should last. Salt water and chlorinated water may cause your tan to fade more quickly. 

When can I apply moisturizer after self-tanning? 

You can apply your favorite serum or moisturizer once Infinite Summer has dried down, so give it a couple of minutes to ensure the actives in the tanner are able to set into your skin.  

Can I still get a suntan if I’m self-tanning? 

Yes, you can still get a suntan (and burn!) while you’re using Infinite Summer, as our product does not contain SPF. We recommend always protecting your skin with SPF.  

Can I use Infinite Summer on my face as well as my body? 

Yes! Infinite Summer has been designed to work flawlessly on face and body, and that’s why we infused the tanner and the Skin Prep with oodles of nourishing, hydrating, natural skin care ingredients to ensure the delicate areas on your face and body are well cared for with gentle and effective formulations to deliver the ultimate glow.   

How can I get a perfect result on my hands and feet? 

TEMPTU’s patented airbrush technology ensures a seamless, instantly blended application, so you are able to get perfectly natural looking hands and feet with no lines of demarcation and no worries about getting messy tanner formula on your palms. All you have to do is start spraying and you’ll be able to feel where the formula goes. No streaking and no mitts needed to blend.   

 Are these products tested on animals? 

No, TEMPTU Infinite Summer and TEMPTU Skin Prep are not tested on animals. 

Are these products vegan? 

Yes, both Infinite Summer and Skin Prep are vegan. 

Are these products gluten free? 

Yes, Infinite Summer and Skin Prep are gluten free. 

Can I apply self-tanner if I’m pregnant? 

In keeping with industry standards, we recommend to not use self-tanning products in the first trimester of pregnancy. As with any tanning or personal care product, we recommend speaking to your doctor prior to starting a tanning regimen. 

Can I use Infinite Summer if I have sensitive skin? 

We recommend carrying out a patch test 24 hours prior to applying the Skin Prep or Infinite Summer for the first time, just as you would any personal care product to see how your skin reacts. Infinite Summer and Skin Prep are both formulated with natural, gentle ingredients and are dermatologist tested and allergy tested. Additionally, Skin Prep and Infinite Summer are free from parabens, formaldehydes, phthalates, mineral oil, oxybenzone, coal tar, hydroquinoneoal tar, triclosan/triclocarban and retinylpalmitate.  

How many drops should I use in the Airpod Pro to tan my face?  What about my body? 

Every body is different, so we don’t have any hard and fast rules, but here are some usage guidelines we’ve discovered in developing and testing this product: 

  • For face: Use 6-8 drops of the Skin Prep and 8-10 drops of Infinite Summer 
  • For body: Fill the Airpod Pro to the top with Skin Prep, spray through excess and fill to top with Infinite Summer. Refill as needed. On average we find that it can take one to two filled Airpod Pros to cover one leg with Tanner. It’s up to you decide if you want to add another layer! 

TEMPTU airbrush technology means there’s very little overspray or waste so what you fill in that pod is going straight to deliver your golden glow! 

At what speed should I set my TEMPTU Air at to start tanning myself? 

We recommend setting your TEMPTU Air at speed setting one, as this will give you enough air to spray the formula while still being the most gentle setting for areas like the face, neck and décolleté. For larger areas like the legs, arms and stomach, you may want to increase the speed setting to two or three. 

What is the best way to clean my TEMPTU Airpod Pro? 

After you apply your self-tan, it’s easy to clean out the Airpod. Just run a couple of drops of gentle soap and water in the top of the Airpod and spray it out onto a tissue or towel. Then drop water in the top of the Airpod and spray out any excess soap. Voila. You’re ready for your next tanning session. 

Why isn’t my Airpod Pro spraying? 

Make sure that your Airpod Pro has been prepped that first time by pulling back on the clear loop of your pod so that it attaches to the device when you latch it on. You’ll hear a click when your Airpod attaches properly to the TEMPTU Air, ensuring you’re able to spray your product. If this is all working and your Airpod Pro still isn’t spraying, it may have some tanning residue clogging it up and needs to be cleaned properly. Make sure to spray some soap and water through it to clean out the well of the pod. If you’re still having trouble, please contact our Customer Care team and we’ll take care of you. 


    Infinite Summer Self-Tanning Airbrush Spray
    Infinite Summer Self-Tanning Airbrush Spray
    Infinite Summer Self-Tanning Airbrush Spray
    Infinite Summer Self-Tanning Airbrush Spray
    Infinite Summer Self-Tanning Airbrush Spray
    Infinite Summer Self-Tanning Airbrush Spray
    Infinite Summer Self-Tanning Airbrush Spray
    Infinite Summer Self-Tanning Airbrush Spray


    Look on vacation indefinitely with this natural-looking, gradual airbrush self-tanner for face and body infused with good-for-skin ingredients that deliver a buildable, superior even golden glow that lasts up to one week or longer with continued touch up applications.

    • Clear, gradual self tanner formula no stains, no mess
    • Buildable, layerable glow that looks very natural, no orange finish
    • Features naturally-derived, botanical tanning actives (DHA & Erythrylose)
    • Antioxidant & the emollient, Ectoin helps maintain moisture balance & protect skin from oxidative stress that can lead to premature aging
    • Coconut Fruit Extract & Aloe Leaf phytosterols deliver soothing, moisturization
    • Pleasant, subtle scent no chemical or unusual smell
    • Staying power, lasts for days & can be easily maintained with touch up applications
    • Tan develops from 2 to 12 hours
    • Reapply 6-12 hours as desired
    • Recommended to wait 4-6 hours before showering
    • Due to its buildable, gradual formula, this is the ideal spray tan for pale skin
    • Vegan, gluten-free, allergy-tested, dermatologist-tested, not tested on animals, & meets TEMPTU’s Clean Beauty Standard
    • Designed for use with the TEMPTU Air or One & Airpod Pro, all sold separately
    • 4 oz.

    For the best spray tan results, TEMPTU has paired Infinite Summer with a Skin Prep, an instant BHA Exfoliating and Hydrating Toner that removes dead skin cells, smooths out rough patches and moisturizes, creating the perfect canvas for a superior, long-lasting self-tanner application.

    Why Airbrush Self-Tanner:

    This airbrush spray tan system uses TEMPTU patented technology to revolutionize at-home tanning with an extremely precise, micro-fine mist that ensures every inch of skin is coated evenly with the Skin Prep and our vegan, clean beauty and skincare-infused gradual spray tan solution.



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